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About XTimesTable.com

The Multiplication Game

XTimesTable.com is the classic multiplication game, in which the times tables calculations is given in random order. Only when one has answered correctly to the given calculation, the following calculation is put. During the game, time and errors is recorded, and at the end of a game it is also possible to see which mistakes you have made.

Make Your Own Times Tables

You can easily make your own times table among the multipliers 1-20. It is moreover possible not to include complementary calculations - eg. 3 • 2 is complementary to 2 • 3.
Make a Times Table

Follow Your Improvement

Your results is automatically saved in a graph, so you can follow your own improvement. Times tables that you have made yourself will also be saved, giving you the opportunity to play them again.

Do The Math on all Devices

The times table game can be played on all devices. On touch-devices, an on-screen keyboard will be shown. You can switch manually between touch and keyboard-mode within the multiplication game, by clicking on the keyboard-icon in the top right.


Delete times table?

Delete Math table?

Table settings

You can choose to hide the complementary calculations in your table (eg. 3 • 2 is complementary to 2 • 3).




Play the times table at least two times to show stats.


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